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Skip Beat!

When Sho broke Kyoko's heart wide open, it freed all the demons that she had captured. Luckily for Kyoko, her demons had grown fond of her and were furious at Sho for how he treated their host. They decided to help Kyoko in her goal to beat Sho at his own game. Eventually they realized they were going to need help so they decided to recruit someone. They had considered Ren, but only his smile was just too deadly. Kanae, they quickly realized was their best bet. She had a weakness to Kyoko that they knew they could exploit perfectly.
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Yay! The really crappy first draft of my Kyoko/Ren/Ogata thing is done. Of course I ended up backing off of having any romance happen and it could practically take the place of the chp. that was originally in the manga which could be good or bad. Bad because it wasn't what I really wanted to attempt to right and good because it means I didn't mangle the characters too badly. *hopefully*
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Figured out how to get Kyoko drunk! It's all for acting, because it's helpful for actors to know what the different types of Alcohol taste like and the different impressions they leave. A character who likes expensive brandy is probably going to be different than a character who likes cheap beer and knowing the assumptions behind those choices will help her characterizations! ^_^

This is going to really need to be fleshed out later, because I think I'm relaying a lot on people knowing the series and seeing the characters the same way I do.

Tomorrow my goal is to write Kyoko getting drunk, show that Ren and Ogata are drunk, and possibly even get them onto that bed. It's so sad that I'm happy to have written 300 words today.
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Heh, I'm still slowly plugging away at my Ogata/Ren/Kyoko attempt and yeah, I'm not nearly as far along as I thought I was. This thing is going to need so! much editing before it is even close to being somewhat presentable. I do have the ending (sort of) though and I like the way it causes the story just to be this one big circle.
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Skip Beat Comment Fic

Ruriko/Kyoko unrequited love Gen

I'm never going to become a better writer without actually writing. ^_^


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