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Manga Review: Ashita no Ousama

Ashita no Ousama
Mangaka/Author: Yachi Emiko
Japanese Josei manga
scanslated by Wingtipcafe
Chpter downloads at website or you can find it on OneManga

The Story:
Yuu a very plain girl from the country gets dragged along to see a play by a classmate. She ends up falling in love with the theater and is determined to become an actress. After getting accepted by a theater troupe as an odd-job girl she starts learning about the theater. The story continues with Yuu learning about what she wants from the theater and there is a romance blooming between Yuu and the actor that inspired her to join the theater.

The characterizations of the various characters are good and it is so nice to see a mature cast instead of teenagers. I enjoyed how it showed Yuu fantasizing about a relationship and knowing that is is fantasy. The bit about unrequited love was also spot on. ^_^

Artwise it uses a lot more backgrounds then I see in shojo today. I gulped this series down so fast that I didn't really notice much about the detail in the art but what I did notice was good.

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