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I've been rereading Skip Beat in between watching Detective Conan Season 1 and really want Ren/Kyoko/Ogata threesome. The pornier the better too. ^_^

You have Ogata wanting to do something for Ren in exchange for freeing him from his father's shadow. Ren struggling with finding his Katsuki and Kyoko who is standing right in front of him cheering him on. Really the main problem with this scenario is Kyoko and her issues regarding men thanks to Sho. It might work if it was a fantasy of Ogata's on how to solve Ren's problem with Katsuki. I really wish I could write porn, I may end up trying to even though it would be horrible.

I can't wait to see the translations for the latest chp. The spoilers I've read for it sound like the next couple of chapters are going to be awesome!

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